Our Clients

We have worked with numerous      internationally known companies such as Adobe, Canon, Nikon,  Fujitsu, NEC, Family Mart, Telecom Square Taiwan, and many others by providing photo contests and editorial advertisements.
Recently, Konica Minolta and Yanmer have chosen us to be their OEM partner for the drone operated picture storage for Japanese agriculture business, for the first time. Unlike other competitors, our flexible business architecture allows us to collaborate with many different business models, having our value added photo storage capability as a mutually beneficial media.

The Letter of Official Patronage from the Prime Minister of Japan.

The Letter of Official Patronage from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Official Project for

Japanese Government 

Photozou was the only photo sharing SNS company in Japan being selected to work with Japanese Government as we have started

"The Great East-Japan Earthquake Memorial Photo Archive". (http://photozou.jp/tohoku2011/top)

Photozou believes in a power of pictures find a positive response in our hearts, and help us not to forget about this tragedy. Our CSR project is officially supported by not only 4 effected prefectural offices (Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima) but, also Reconstruction Agency of Japanese Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. 


This long term project is a remarkable achievement as Reconstruction Agency normally does not support a project  conducted by a corporation.


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