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2019: In the beginning of October 2019, Photozou's stock ticker symbol was issued as "PTZH" and listed on OTC

         market in the U.S.. 

2019: Form-211 was issued to FINRA as of July 9th 2019.

2019: Konica Minolta, Inc. and Yanmer Co., Ltd. have chosen us to be their OEM partner for the

         drone operated picture storage for Japanese agriculture business. A new chapter of Photozou

         business towards IoT. 

2018: Photozou’s S1 report was granted by FINRA.  


2018: Photozou Co., Ltd. entered into a partnership agreement with one of the largest Philippine e-

         commerce company. This agreement sees Photozou providing value added photo sharing and

         data storage services to the 3.5 million users. This has increased the registered members of

         Photozou to  over 10.5 million.

2017: The Photozou Advertisement Co., Ltd. Japan was established as an advertisement arm and

         also specializing in the sales and trading of used camera equipment.​

2016: In preparation for the OTC Market and NASDAQ IPO - Photozou Co., Ltd. Japan established

         U.S. based Photozou Holdings Inc.

2016: Photozou Co., Ltd. became independent from OFF Line Co., Ltd. Mr. Koichi Ishizuka continues

         as President and CEO of both.

2014: Photozou was 100% acquired by the major share holding  company. Off Line Co., Ltd. Japan. 

         President: Mr. Koichi Ishizuka. (

2012: Zynga Japan was acquired by Japanese tech company - Digital Garage and a smart phone

         version of Photozou was released.   

2010: Mr. Shintaro Yamada incorporated a new e-commerce platform which company was called


2010: UNOU was acquired by the American social gaming company Zynga which was a subsidiary of

         Japanese telecommunication giant SoftBank. The company name was then changed from

         UNOU to Zynga Japan.

2007: Photozou expanded into the mobile device sector, and later partnered with Twitter Japan.

2005: Photozou was incorporated by Mr. Shintaro Yamada - President of the Japanese registered     

         company UNOU. Mr Yamada is a well-known Japanese entrepreneur. 



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