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What is Photozou?

It is the biggest photography treasury SNS in Japan in terms of the registered users.

We have…


Over 10 million registered users worldwide.

Over 270 million pictures in our database.

Over 100,000 pictures are posted daily.

Over 1000 organically increasing members per month,

without any promotions.

Both cloud based and on-premises servers in Tokyo.



Photozou has been in business since 2005, and our flexible business model allowing us to work with many internationally known companies. Please visit ”Clients" page for more information.           

Photozou Advertisement Co., Ltd. was    incorporated in Tokyo which specializes in advertisement business and used camera (Digital & Analog) selling. The used camera business is one of the fastest growing  camera related sector in and from Japan to the world.  (


Unlike Instagram (Smart Phone App), approximately 50% of Photozou users are semi-professional or enthusiastic photographers using digital or analog SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras, along with some accessories such as interchangeable lenses, tripods and filters, accessing our website from their computers after the pictures were being meticulously edited.


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